Three Must-Have Tools for Starting Your Powder Coating Business

If you are starting a powder coating business, you may already have a few basic tools. These may include a baking area, truck, and powder coating gun. There are some other must-have pieces of equipment you may want to consider. Here are a few of them and what you need to know about each one.

Blast Rooms

If you plan on offering your powder coating services to companies or individuals for larger scale projects, then having a blast room is a must. Blast rooms are designed to give you a work area that will trap any of the powder coating or abrasives from entering the neighbouring environment while keeping the project clean and free of debris. You can purchase pre-packaged blast rooms that can be brought to your location and set up with everything you need to get started, or you can have a blast room designed specifically for your needs.

Sand Blaster

A sand blaster is a must-have tool for your power coating business because it is essential to the entire process, regardless of the size of the project. You will use a sand blaster to prep the frame, tool, or project for powder coating. It helps remove dirt and debris, and it creates a surface that the powder coating can adhere to easily. You can purchase sand blasters in different sizes, depending on your project needs. For example, if you plan on handling mostly larger projects, like bike frames or cars, then you may want a higher intensity sand blaster than one you'd use for hand tools.

Drying Hooks

You may have an oven withracks for drying, but sometimes the drying racks can leave your tools or projects with marks. Instead, you may want to consider using drying hooks. These hooks can hold the project in a suspended state during drying time to prevent anything from coming in contact with the tool and causing the powder coating to flake or come off during the drying time. 

When you purchase drying hooks, make sure they can handle the weight of the particular project and that their shape won't interfere with the project. For example, if you are powder coating tools, you want to ensure the hook will not come in contact with the coating itself.

These are just a few of the must-have tools you may want to consider for starting your powder coating business. Other tools may be required depending on the type of powder coating projects you want to handle in the future.

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