Choosing the Best Custom Made Tilt Tray for Your Truck

A tilt tray will make it easy to tow or haul vehicles, tractors, and the like. It eliminates the need for ramps or lifting the vehicle onto your truck. Custom-made tilt trays are very important and come with benefits such as enhanced safety for the towed item, increased number of items your truck can haul, improved road safety, and reduced towing time. Therefore, if you have decided to purchase a custom-made tilt tray, here are a few things that will help you choose the best for your truck.

Material of the Tilt Tray

The material of the tilt tray has a great impact on your towing job, and your choice will depend on the type of items that you tow. Do you tow very heavy vehicles and items such as cranes or lighter ones such as wrecked cars? If your truck tows heavy automotive machinery, use tilt trays made of sheet metal or steel because these materials will hold up well to the heavy weights. However, these materials are heavy themselves and may add weight to your truck, increasing your fuel consumption. Tilt trays made of aluminium are typically lightweight and will therefore be suitable for hauling lighter items.

Type of Tie-Downs

The choice of tie-downs will also depend on the type of equipment you haul. For a specific type of machinery or equipment, such as heavy crane equipment, you will want tie-downs that are designed or specialised for that particular equipment. However, for a variety of equipment, it follows that you will have to invest in different types of tie-downs as well. In addition, tie-downs with openings on the side will make them adjustable to fit the size of whatever you'll be hauling.

Type of Flooring on the Tray

For items or vehicles that will require assistance to be driven onto your tilt tray, such as wrecked cars, having features such as a conveyor belt on your tray will be essential. Nonetheless, for your conveyor belt to work efficiently, the items that you'll be hauling onto the tray should have proper treads to offer maximum traction on the belt. Lightweight machinery, such as some tractors used in construction site, may not have these treads. For this reason, if you haul such types of items, you may want to go for a tray whose flooring offers enough traction. For instance, consider raised diamond patterns or traction-coated surfaces on your tray's flooring.

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