Why Glass Recyclable Bottles May Be Ideal for Your Needs

If you have turned your DIY lotions and beauty items into a thriving business, you may be concerned about the type of containers you are using for your items. For example, when you started out you may have used whatever containers fit your budget. Now that you are expanding, you may be concerned about what the bottles are made of, if they are recyclable, and if they are leeching anything into your creations over time. This may lead you to looking for bottles for sale that fit your green living viewpoint. Though plastic comes to mind, here are some reasons that glass bottles may be a better fit for you.

Green Living Benefits

If the main things you are trying to consider when you choose the type of packaging for your products is their impact on the environment, then glass may fit your ideals. Glass can be recycled without losing any quality or clarity. It can be reused over and over by the purchaser or reused by someone else if it is found later in a thrift store. Glass does not leech chemicals into your products like certain plastics do. There are also very low rates of chemical reactions between class and the products that are held within them.

Decor Benefits

One of the reasons people choose to buy products in glass packaging, beyond the green living benefits, is the decor range. Plastic containers may look cheap in bathrooms, kitchens, or other parts of the home. Glass, however, tends to give a more finished and thought out look. When the product in the container is used, the recycable bottles can be reused for refills of that product or for other items throughout the home. This makes the bottle recyclable on a recycling center level, and also on a personal level. There are also multiple colors of glass bottles that you can offer to your customers. This allows them to get the product they want, while fitting a theme they may already have in place in the home.

Cheaper Refill Options

Some companies that offer homemade beauty products tend to offer the initial purchase along with a refill option. For example, if you create bath salts, you may offer the salts in an easy-to-use and sealed glass bottle. You can also offer a refill of the salts in a recyclable paper or similar packaging. The customer gets the refills at a discount, can use the original bottle to hold the refill, and have a reduced amount of waste since the recyclable paper is all that is used for that refill. Also, it reduces your shipping costs on refills and your production costs on refills as well. It works for both you and your customers.

These are just three of the benefits you will find from using glass recyclable bottles rather than a plastic or cheaper option. It works for your customers, for your business, and for the environment.

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