Which steel fabrication workshop should you choose?

If you are looking for a steel fabrication workshop to create the chassis or casing for your new product, then it is vital that you choose a workshop which is capable of carrying out the work to your specifications and delivering the finished product in a timely manner. Here are three things that you should consider before selecting a steel fabrication workshop.

What equipment does the workshop have?

Steel fabrication is all about taking a new piece of steel sheet and cutting, bending and forming it to make something new. To create the product you need, it is essential that the steel fabrication workshop has the right equipment and tooling. It is a great idea to ask to view the workshop in action before making your decision. It is especially helpful if you can visit when they are working on a product that has similarities to your own so you can see how they handle work like yours and whether the equipment they have is capable of producing the results you need.

What depth of experience do they possess?

Possessing suitable equipment is vital, but steel fabrication is also about the skills of the workers. To complete your job, the company will be relying on their team to work together to cut, bend and shape the steel to the desired form. Don't be afraid to ask the company about the training their workers receive. Do they rely on one or two key workers or are there a range of key skills apparent throughout their team? Answering that question can tell you a lot about the long-term health of the company. If you plan to create a longer-term relationship with the steel fabrication company, you will want to be sure that the skills you need will stay within that business and that you won't be forced to look elsewhere in the near future.

 What spare capacity do they have?

Steel fabrication takes time. There is set-up time, machine time and finishing time to consider. Your chosen steel fabrication company must be sure of their ability to complete your project within an agreed-upon timescale. It is always possible for delays to occur and all machines will need to be stopped occasionally, but the more crowded the machine schedule is, the higher the risk that the company could fall behind and need to delay your order. Delaying the delivery of your order will inevitably cause you problems further down the line.

Talk to the steel fabrication company and agree on a realistic timetable to which you can both commit.

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