Reasons To Consider Powder Coating During Your Landscape Remodel

If you're undergoing a landscaping remodel, you might want a fresh look — but not at the expense of throwing out your favourite metal objects such as garden furniture or fencing. However, such items may be rusting and corroding, forcing you to replace them. An alternate option, though, may be to restore them instead. A little surface rust doesn't necessarily wreck the integrity of the metal. You might be able to have the items treated and then covered in a smooth, beautiful finish — with a powder coating process. Consider the following reasons for taking this approach. 

Rust Removal

Before your outdoor furniture or objects are covered in a stunning new coat, typically they'll be sand-blasted and treated to remove any old paint layers or rust. They might then be covered in a protective zinc layer or other elements that inhibit corrosion. Thus, so long as your items are structurally sound, any surface rust or blemishes can be removed.

Massive Colour Range

If you have your much-loved pieces powder-coated, you can pick from a boundless range of colours. Most companies that perform this procedure have a mass of swatches with subtle variations of each tone and shade. Thus, rather than buying new objects off the shelf in predetermined hues, you can specifically match the metal to your home and landscape. This is a  way to truly personalise your landscape renovation.


Once you undertake a powder coating project, you might wonder about the durability of the finish. In fact, the toughness of these surfaces is one of their greatest advantages. During the technique, the article is covered with an electrostatically charged powder of pigments and resins, which automatically cling to the surface. Thus, objects with intricate mouldings don't pose a problem as the powder can be dusted easily into the nooks and crannies. A baking process melts the powder and fuses it to the metal. This hard, smooth surface is resistant to flaking and chips, and it adds further protection from rust and corrosion.

Environmentally Friendly

With powder coating, you can relax, knowing that you're using a process that is relatively sympathetic to the environment. Liquid paints, in contrast, contain solvents that help the paint stick to the surface being painted — these solvents then evaporate, releasing unhealthy fumes. 

Powder coating, though, doesn't involve any solvents. The dry powder sticks to surfaces because it's electrostatically charged — then baking does the rest. Additionally, reusing your favourite objects rather than throwing them out is also helpful. You're not discarding objects in a landfill, and powder coating uses little energy compared to the production of new objects that you would otherwise buy to replace them.

Thus, if you're renovating your home and landscape, there's no need to throw out your favourite items just because they're a little rusty. Have them powder coated instead.

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