Four Ways to Protect Your Premises From Graffiti

A graffiti attack can damage your professional image if it is not quickly removed. There are, however, some things you can do to help prevent such an attack in the first place.

1. Lighting

Firstly, vandals are less likely to attack your property if it is well lit. The lighting should have as long a range as possible and should be out of reach so that no one can damage or remove it to carry out their activities under cover of darkness. Make sure that any switches and power supplies are inside the property so that intruders cannot interfere with them. You should also make sure that the lighting is not covered by trees or other vegetation (something you should particularly consider if you install the light in winter).

2. Landscaping

A second way you can try to prevent graffiti on your property is to use natural vegetation. If you have plants growing on vertical walls it will not be possible for any graffiti artist to display their tag, which will make it a much less attractive proposition. You could also plant a hedge in front of the wall, which will make it difficult for vandals to reach. Make sure that the plants are not strong enough for anyone to climb, especially if this would provide a means of accessing your property.

3. Protective coatings

A third anti-graffiti measure is to use protective coatings. Some coatings can only be applied once and have to be removed along with the graffiti; others will prevent the graffiti from bonding with the surface and will withstand several attacks, although these tend to be more expensive. The coatings are clear and will not be visible once they are in place.

4. Removal service

Finally, remember that quick removal is the best way to prevent another attack. Make sure you have the number of a professional graffiti removal service whom you can contact at short notice to remove any graffiti as soon as possible. Vandals will not deface a property if they know their handiwork will not be on show for very long. A professional removal service can be your first line of defence in preventing graffiti as well as cleaning it away afterwards.

Your graffiti removal service can explain how to prevent and deal with persistent graffiti attacks. Get in touch with these services today so your exterior surfaces can look clean and professional again.

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