Have You Found the Right Plastic Packaging Solution?

Why does your product need packaging? It might seem like an obvious question, but there are more answers than you might think. A related question that leads on from the first one is what should that packaging look like? To determine the best packaging solution for your product, there are at least three things that you must consider.

Will the product be transported safely?

Different products require different packaging solutions. You wouldn't store something heavy in a glass container that it might break. Nor would you put any corrosive liquid into a cardboard container that would soon begin leaking. In many cases, the right option will be a plastic container, but you must consider what size, shape, and colour of plastic container you need. Your plastic packaging manufacturer will have a range of products that they can produce. You will need to determine whether one of them presents the best option or whether a bespoke creation is needed.

There are two stages to every product journey. There is the stage that runs from production to when the product reaches the retailer, and then there is the stage from the retailer to the end customer. Both of these require safe transportation, but the way it is achieved may be different. When you pour a product into a container from your plastic packaging manufacturer, you will be adding that container to 1000s of others and shipping it to the retailer. Your concerns will be about how well the product can stack with other products and whether it will move around and become damaged. Once the product is off the shelf at the retailer, the customer will be more concerned about how sturdy the packaging is, whether it is easy to move individually without slipping and breaking and whether it sits on the shelf easily. All of those factors will affect whether the customer buys the product, and having bought it, starts buying it regularly.

Does the product attract the customer?

Practical considerations may encourage someone to keep buying your product, but you must attract their attention in the first place. When you look through the options provided by your plastic packaging manufacturer, think about what designs would help to differentiate your product from competing brands. You might choose a container shape similar to a competing product, but you can still make choices about colours, fonts, and labelling that will make your product stand out and attract customers.

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